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Luna-C Design

luna c design solutions and illustrations


Luna-C Design, LLC is a design and manufacturing company who's passion for beautiful design solutions and engineered product lines is displayed in custom framing, personal illustrations, fine pens, and Car Jewels®


Illustrations by Michelle D. Nunn
Car Jewels and Concepts Michelle D. Nunn
Frames By Tracey L. Gallagher

Styles range to fit the customer, and we use every kind of media including colored pencil, marker, paints, and mixed media illustrations. Traditional and digital pieces available.

Designs in Spaces

The layout and appearance of a space is vital to how people in it feel. From stores presenting new products as effectively as possible, to private collectors rooms full of history, Luna-C helps you present your best.

Below are some design solutions for different spaces that Luna-C has worked on:

Props & Parties

Where it all began: Cinema World Studio’s opening party, Production Manager Michelle D. Nunn, Finishing sculpture Chirs Goutos, Asst. Designer Maureen Volpe

pez collection display design solution for elegant displays

Toy Showrooms

Toy Show rooms for different companies: Empire Toys, Creepy Crawlers, Turbo Treads. Also, we design displays for personal collections, part or full time collectors, and shops.

Retail Stores

Display your unique products more effectively and uniquely with custom store display ideas.

Car Jewel® & Custom Headrests

Creative Design Solutions for All

Luna-C Design, LLC, creators of the Car Jewel®, has been developing creative and unique ways to personalize cars, motorcycles and other vehicles since 2008. All this without requiring either a large investment or a permanent commitment! Like jewelry for the human body, Car Jewel® can be changed as your interests and style evolve over time, or even with the changing seasons!

Mission Statement: Encourage the natural relationship between education and the arts, by constructing a purpose built green multimedia production complex to house the high tech learning campus giving educators effective classroom resources.

rasmus illustration collage

Luna-C Design is a company committed to creative design and design solutions that service any size company, project or individual. Our team operates like a design think tank, using a Mission Impossible style strategy of finding the best team of artists and craftsmen for each individual project. We can manage any size job with quality that every client deserves.

Since 1992, Luna-C Design has been designing, building and supporting artists and artisans in their pursuit of solving customer needs for fabulous art in spaces, in their homes or on their car. From designing the layout of a collection display to creating the perfect car badge for you, Luna-C creates what you need.

We are dedicated to developing solutions for clients with wide range needs. Our think tank strategy is fueled by the best team of artists we can assemble. We pride ourselves in quality, originality, and artistic flair, as well as a focus on providing your project with the attention it deserves.

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Since our establishment in 1992, we have supported artists and artisans in their pursuit of solving unique customer needs for fabulous art in spaces for client’s homes, or on their car.

Interior spaces are a specialty that Luna-C has specialized in since its beings. Originally Luna-C Design was a DBA used for a small group of artistes who graduated from Pratt Institute in the late 1980’s. They started as just Christopher Goutos, a master sculpture, Maureen Volpe, a graphic designer, and Michelle D. Nunn an illustrator. As freelance jobs came out more talent was sourced, and Luna-C Design became a Subcontractor at the NYC Toy Fair for companies like Empire Toys, Cinema World Studios opening galas and Robert Chang of PepsiCo industrial video projects.

Our “rolodex” of artists and craftsman grew, and we built the car noses for Full Force, maintained our yearly obligation to Empire Toys, and still made ourselves available to any for any customer needs throughout the year.

Creating Car Jewel

In early 2000 Luna-C Design became an LLC and moved it’s headquarters The Lehigh Valley area to Pennsylvania. The next stage for Luna-C Design was developing into areas of custom framing, custom pens, and decorative pieces for special events. Then Luna-C Design shifted its focus to creating a new line of design products such as The Car Jewel and head rest accent.

Since then Luna-C Design has expanded to create artistically unique custom framing, custom writing pens, and decorative pieces for special events. Our latest artistic developments are the customized Car Jewel and automobile head rest accents.

We look forward to working with you to develop icon creations for your most selective customers.

skier with luxurious moustache illustration

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