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Available Car Jewels

Car Jewel has a large variety of emblems for available for wholesale. They are manufactured with carefully-chosen materials that meet industry standards for car emblems, are flexible to allow them to be attached to curved surfaces, and cost less than most emblems of similar quality.

Browse the car jewels currently available for wholesale at a minimum of 10 of each. If you need custom designs, we can work with you to create a car badge for your organization, business, or store theme.


Celtic four leaf clover car badge made by car jewel

Lucky Kelly Celtic Clover

The Lucky Kelly Celtic Clover is a tribute piece. This Car Jewel takes a Classic Celtic Design, coated with a propriety flake finish. Mounted with 3M automotive tape and embellished with bright crystals this Car Jewel reflects Celtic pride.

Available with one large center jewel or one large center with three smaller jewels.


kelly celtic clover with crystal

Celtic Clover

Celtic clover, this basic Car Jewel has a propriety green sparkle finish with a single center crystal. This basic emblem gives a little bling without a large investment.


dove cross

Silver Dove Cross

Silver Dove Cross, reminiscent of a battle cross. The silver automotive finish and a shining crystal mounted dead center gives this Car Jewel the feel of a fine piece of Jewelry.


celtic gross and green and white gems is a car accessory that is designed by car jewel

Celtic Cross

This Celtic Cross with a jewel center features classic Celtic design. The highlights of the design are set off with beautiful bright crystals. A very different shape that gives car emblems a different profile.

Available with Ruby or Emerald Center jewel.


sunburst cross with ruby center

Sunburst Cross

The Sunburst Cross is designed to reflect a birthstone in the center. The Ivory center has a blood red inlay. Each tip is accented with a white crystal. The center Gem is set up as a large birthstone. The starburst offers a special accent and elegance to this Car Jewel.

All 12 birthstone colors are available to order as the large center jewel.


silver with red detail butterfly car jewel


This butterfly is a delicate balance between fierce and graceful with swirls of color and a bright jewel in the center of its body. Pick a color for the body and swirls, or leave the swirls hollow for a cool effect.

Available in red and blue.

blue shark red koi 1 of each

Ying and Yang

Silver and Gold shark and Koi designed as the modern Ying and Yang. Each of these Car Jewels is hand sculpted. They are as durable as they are beautiful. Each made to have the facing eye inlayed with a shining Crystal.

The shark is tip to tail, 5 1/4” the combinations as the Ying Yang is 5” 1/4’ x 5”

Available as two koi, two sharks, or one of each. Can come in gold, silver, red, and blue.


Car Jewel is a car badge and car emblem designer that works with you to create custom car accessories like badges and logos, as well as custom headrests.

Horse Angel

This badge is for the elegant horse person looking for a strong horse with beautiful angel wings wrapping around it.


gold and red pegasus car badge designed by Car jewel


This cool Pegasus badge features a pegasus with shades and big wings.


orange angel waings car jewel

Fire Angel

Add a pop of flair and color to your car or motorcycle with the vibrant Fire Angel. A crystal heart with wings and a halo act as the perfect balance between fierce flames and love.

Available in colors:

Blue with orange accent
Orange with blue accent
Red with gold accent
Blue with gold accent
Custom colors


Golf Car Jewel - perfect for a golfer's car


Perfect for avid golfers who want to bling their car or golf cart.


sea side, round beach scene with waves the sun and bird car jewel


Sea Side

Keep up the cool sea-side look with an emblem that will be perfect at the beach. Contains a brilliant sun with crystals enhancing the shine, a proud bird soaring over cresting waves, and flip-flops with crystal accents.

gold and red club car jewel is a car accessory custom made for your car


The Club is part of the of the card suite collection. Mounted crystals and an inlayed center design create an emblem that can be mounted solo or collect all four suits.

Size 3 1/2” x 3”

Available in silver, gold, black, and custom colors.


gold and red spade car badge custom made for your car


The Spade in gold has 3 affixed crystals and bright red inlay. There is a hint of floral design that balances the classic and cool. Use as a solo emblem or part of a set of 4 suits.

When the Spade is blacked out on the edge the center inlay has a an added element of flash. A flashy red inlay, 3 brilliant crystals center the design and balance the tale. Personalize your ride with a piece of clean bling.

Size 3 1/2” x 3”

Available in silver, gold, black, and custom colors.


Silver Diamond Car Jewel - Decoration for your car



The Diamond is part of the of the card suite collection. Mounted crystals and an inlayed center design create an emblem that can be mounted solo or collect all four suits.

Available in silver, gold, black, ice, and custom colors.

Submit your order of existing Car Jewels here. We look forward to working with you!

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