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We are confident that your car jewel will last for years to come.

A Car Jewel® is Designed, manufactured and tested in Northeast Pennsylvania and is made to withstand mother nature and a car wash.

Car Jewel® Forms to YOUR Vehicle

And a Car Jewel® uses the same 3M™ mounting tape that car manufacturers rely on to mount their badges and emblems.

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Custom Embroidered Head Rests also available

A fit that does not cover your headrest but rather creates a contrasting, or complimenting, finely created embroidered and shining crystal insert.

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Luna-C Design, LLC, creators of the Car Jewel®, has been developing creative and unique ways to personalize cars, motorcycles and other vehicles since 2008, all without requiring either a large investment or a permanent commitment! Like jewelry for the human body, Car Jewel® car emblems and badges can be changed as your interests and style evolve over time, or even with the changing seasons!

pimp custom car jewel makes a great decoration for your car

Traditional methods of producing car badges and emblems required a large investment in dyes, injection molds, and Electro chroming, which in turn required large runs, thus limiting the variety of designs which could be executed. The engineers and designers at Luna-C Designs, LLC wanted to reduce this cost of production so they could focus more time and energy on artistic expression!

Luna-C Design, LLC found a more flexible manufacturing process to meet these goals while maintaining the high quality that the aftermarket car accessories industry demands. Whatever you want your ride to say about you, we'll help you say it!

Luna-C Design, LLC created the first Car Jewel®, "pimp," (the left image) which was created in 2008 when the idea of pimping a ride was synonymous with bling and wild personalized rides.

The design for "Truth" (the right image) was the next creation to be displayed for a client, K.E.W. Each custom car emblem was designed to be a high end badge for a car with enough flare to mirror high end jewelry.

You can purchase one of our pre-designed car accessories like two fish circling each other or a golden clover. Or if you're looking to put a logo on a car, on you could start working on a custom design car badge! We make designing a custom car accessory easy!

truth car accessory with sword through it designed by car jewel

"Creating a piece of art for a moving piece of art."

Car jewel, gold crown, car accessories

A Car Jewel®

can be a basic design or car logo that is created for everyone or a custom piece that can be a produced in any quantity for your organization or business. A car jewel can vary in price depending on the design, size, intricacy. Each Car Jewel® is designed to mirror a fine piece of jewelry for your vehicle. Metallic highlights and bright crystals can be utilized as accents to put a sparkle of elegance to each Car Jewel®. Car Jewel® uses 3M™ adhesive automotive tape to confirm and stick to the outside surface of your vehicle, this is the same tape used to adhere all automotive OEM factory emblems.

Browse our car badges or get started with your own design!

Custom Headrests for Your Vehicle

Headrest accent covers are created to be seen from the outside of your vehicle, giving a high end contrast to your interior.  The headrest accent is universal for domestic or foreign cars. SUV’s and truck require a have a different size to insure proper A fit and finish. These inserts are made to not cover your headrest like a bag but rather a tailored accent piece that wraps snuggly 'round your custom headrest.

Each insert is embroidered and embellished with a single shining crystal. They are made from luxurious recycled leather with a special back that not only creates comfortable padded feel but is also breathable. Headrests can be as simple as a monogram to a custom design or company logo or slogan.


custom headrest designed by car jewel
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